Leaked documents show that McDonald's is adding international hits to its American menu, including the Spanish Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger and the Dutch Stroopwafel McFlurry

McDonald’sMcDonald’s new menu items this summer include the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger from Spain and the Stroopwafel McFlurry from the Netherlands.

McDonald’s is adding some of its biggest hits from around the world to its American menu.

In early June, the fast-food giant is adding four “Worldwide Favourites” to the menu, according to internal documents shared with Business Insider.

The new menu items are the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger from Spain, the Stroopwafel McFlurry from the Netherlands, the tomato-mozzarella chicken sandwich from Canada, and the cheesy bacon fries from Australia.

In an email to Business Insider, a McDonald’s representative said “Geen commentaar,” which translates to “no comment.”

McDonald’s tested the Grand McExtreme and the Stroopwafel McFlurry at 50 locations in South Florida in 2018. The locations also served Malaysia’s BBQ McShaker Fries and the McSpicy Chicken from Hong Kong, which do not appear to be making the national rollout this time around.

The Grand McExtreme, as tested in Florida, is a fresh-beef Quarter Pounder topped with McBacon sauce, bacon, Gouda cheese, and slivered onions. The Stroopwafel McFlurry is a vanilla-soft-serve-based McFlurry with added caramel waffle cookies, called stroopwafels, and caramel sauce.

McDonald’s CanadaThe tomato-mozzarella chicken sandwich is sold in Canada.

The tomato-mozzarella chicken sandwich, which is served in Canada, tops a chicken breast with onions, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, and a tomato-and-herb sauce. And the cheesy bacon fries will likely be the same as the limited-time offering that McDonald’s rolled out earlier this year. The fast-food giant has long served the fries in other countries around the world.

The Worldwide Favourites will hit McDonald’s menus around the same time that the chain’s “Signature Crafted” line disappears in early June. Last week, McDonald’s confirmed that the chain is cutting the line of more upscale burgers after two years.

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According to internal documents shared with Business Insider, McDonald’s is cutting the Signature Crafted line in part because the chain is looking to “reduce the number of products in restaurants.”

“With our new Quarter Pounder Deluxe and Quarter Pounder Bacon, we’ve introduced even more ways to enjoy the classic burger toppings they know and love, now on the fresh beef Quarter Pound patty,” McDonald’s said in a statement last week. “Based on their feedback, we’ll move away from the Signature Crafted Recipes line on our national menu.”

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