McCainites Texting Virginia Students: Avoid Long Lines, Vote Wednesday

Rock the Vote, probably in an effort to save face after it accidentally may have sent thousands of New York voter registration forms to the wrong address, is now reporting that students in Virginia are being targeted with text messages saying “”due to the long lines, Obama voters are asked to vote on Wednesday. Thank you for your cooperation.” [hat tip to for the info]

But Virginians in order to vote, you have to be in line before the polls close.

Above the Law: VA law requires poll workers to go out at 6:45 and write down the names of everybody still standing on line. Only those names written down are allowed to vote.

The Washington Post: Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine, who was long discussed as a potential vice presidential candidate on Sen. Barack Obama’s ticket, issued a statement just now about the elections. Fresh off a stage appearance with Obama in Prince William County last night, Kaine urged people to vote before time runs out.

“Virginians are turning out in record numbers to vote in today’s historic Presidential election, despite the weather,” Kaine said in a statement. “The State Board of Elections is working closely with local election officials to make sure that voting runs smoothly, and we are confident that the problems that some precincts have encountered are being addressed promptly and resolved quickly.

“Those still waiting to vote should be aware that turnout is very heavy, but precinct volunteers are working hard to make the lines move as quickly as possible,” Kaine continued. “Voters should remember that polls close at 7 p.m. and the hours will not be extended. However, all who arrive to vote by 7 p.m. will be allowed to vote notwithstanding the length of lines. We ask everyone to be patient and encourage voters to stay in line to participate in this historic event.”

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