McCain says Trump is 'in the business of making money' while he 'was raised to believe in duty, honour, country'

Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, declined to say whether President Donald Trump is fit for office, arguing that Trump is “in the business of making money” rather than serving his country.

McCain suggested in an interview with CBS News’ Lesley Stahl on Sunday that he and the president have difficulty seeing eye to eye, in part because Trump is a businessman, while McCain has spent many decades serving his country in the military and on Capitol Hill.

“I’d be glad to converse with him, but I also understand that we’re very different people,” McCain said. “Different upbringing, different life experiences.”

“What do you mean by that?” Walters asked.

“He is in the business of making money and he has been successful, both in television as well as Miss America and others,” McCain went on. “I was raised in a military family, I was raised the concept and belief that duty, honour, country is the lone star for the behaviour that we have to exhibit every single day.”

New York Times reporter Alex Burns remarked on Twitter that McCain used a similar line in his criticism of Mitt Romney, a businessman and former governor of Massachusetts, in 2008 when the two faced off in the Republican presidential primary.

“Running an investment company is probably a good thing to do. Making national policy concerning the national economy is probably more beneficial to the nation,” McCain said at the time. “I’ve led the largest squadron in the United States Navy. Not for profit, but for patriotism.”

Watch the clips below:

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— Yashar Ali ???? (@yashar) September 25, 2017

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— Yashar Ali ???? (@yashar) September 25, 2017

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