McCain On Birth Control: First YouTube Gaffe Of The General Election?

Here’s a video someone wants to see go viral: Sen. John McCain getting caught in the headlights yesterday when asked by a reporter if he agrees with advisor Carly Fiorina’s views on birth control. A few years ago, that might be the end of it, but now you have to wonder if this will become a “macaca moment” for women voters.

McCain’s opponents are certainly doing their best to make it so. Video of the incident has been uploaded 38 times on YouTube and other video sites since yesterday by users like Feministing and DemRapidResponse. The videos have received 288,609 total views in various forms, according to Tubemogul, but telllingly, only 40,000 uniques. But the video doesn’t have to be as popular as, say, “Where The Hell Is Matt” to make an impact. All it needs to do catch the eye of cable news circuit, which it already has done — and on a mid-summer week devoid of much news, that’s pretty much all the push it needs.

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