McAfee Boss: A Cyberattack On Australia Is Imminent

While on a brief visit to Australia McAfee president Mike DeCesare has expressed his concern for Australia’s vulnerability to a large scale cyberattack.

DeCesare told The Australian Financial Review that Australia is currently unprotected against cyber warfare, which could hit in just two years and take down entire systems that control critical infrastructure.

“As the world has come online, everybody has recognised that there is an opportunity to modify their strategy . . . for a government, the cyber attack possibility is just another tool that you have in your bag now,” Mr DeCesare said. “We haven’t seen yet a full-scale attack around critical infrastructure that is online, but unfortunately I think the world will go that way.”

DeCesare’s concerns follow JPMorgan’s announcement last week that it was investigating a possible cyberattack on its company in early August, and news that China’s President Xi Jinping plans to defend his country against “information warfare” with new military reforms which will modernise its forces.

Labor’s bill for mandatory data breach notifications, that would compel organisations to notify interested parties when a data breach occurred, was set for the Senate last week but was pushed backed by a government Land Transport Bill.

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