MC Hammer Becomes Equity Partner In Cash4Gold

mc hammer performing

MC Hammer has always liked spending cash for gold. Now he’s an equity partner in the booming cash for gold business.

Except this time it’s MC Hammer who is exploiting people profiting.

The eighties pop star was already a spokesperson for Cash4Gold, releasing a viral ad for the company’s U.K. division in September.

Here’s the transcript from the video:

“U.K. What’s goin down? It’s your man MC Hammer. It’s time to take that gold — you don’t need the crown jewels! — it’s time to take that gold and get it sold! Send Cash4Gold all your unwanted, your broken jewelry and we’ll send you cash. And don’t forget to tell us who would you like to see in our next U.K. commercial. We melt gold, baby!”

More coverage at the Telegraph.

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