MC Hammer stars in a bizarre ad that sees the rapper trying to ‘stop hammer time’

MC Hammer is the star of a new ad trying to persuade viewers to stop using hammers.

Yes, MC Hammer has been asked to “stop hammer time.”

The “Can’t Touch This” rapper appears inside a toolbox in a new spot for 3M’s Command Strips — adhesive strips you can use to hang up pictures, rather than hammering nails into the wall.

We first saw the ad over at Adweek, where Command global business unit manager, Joe Paul, gave this earnest/tongue-in-cheek (we’re not sure which) quote about why MC Hammer has been called up for the campaign:

We still have relatively low brand awareness, so our goal is to accelerate that, and to change the way that consumers think about hanging things. To bring that to life, we turned to MC Hammer. We’re partnering with him because we’re literally on a mission to stop hammer time. We need a shot in the arm, and we think MC Hammer is going to be disruptive.

The TV ads will be accompanied by an “Ask Hammer” video series and an event at New York’s Grand Central station on May 19, where people can dress up in their Hammer pants and record lip-sync videos with MC Hammer, Adweek reports.

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