20-Year-Old Brazilian Rapper Shot And Killed While Performing On-Stage

MC DalesteMC Daleste was mid-song when a bullet hit and killed him Saturday.

It’s not a good week for Brazil. 

First, a soccer referee and player were both murdered in a sordid story, and now a video has surfaced of rapper MC Daleste being shot and killed while performing at a public housing building on Saturday night in the neighbourhood of San Martin.

The 20-year-old, whose birth name was Daniel Pellegrine, was mid-song when a bullet struck him, causing the musician to slump to the ground.

Pellegrine was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where he later died.

No information has been released on potential suspects or whether any arrests have been made, but one unnamed friend posted a statement on Facebook calling Pellegrine a “victim of intolerance.”

Pellegrine had a sizable following in Brazil, with his Facebook page garnering over 93,000 likes and over 88,000 Twitter followers.

One audience member caught the entire incident on tape and the video has since received nearly 4 million hits. The bullet hits around 1:05. Watch at your own risk.

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