One in Four MBAs Want To Work At Google

You’re getting your MBA, and you’re looking for a job – but where? Goldman Sachs (GS), J.P. Morgan? Not according to the most recent crop of MBA students. They, like everyone else, want to work for Google, according to a survey from market research firm Universum published on

Of the 5,769 students surveyed, a startling 23.65% said they wanted to work for the search giant. Consulting firm McKinsey & Company (15.84%) took the second spot and Goldman Sachs (13.68%) was third. One other tech firm eked its way into the top 5 – Apple (AAPL) was fourth with 13.68%.

The free food and perks is a big draw for MBA grads, said Universum North America CEO Claudia Tattanelli:

The search-engine giant “has revolutionised how employees are treated,” she said. “They are famous for keeping employees happy.”

So maybe that $72 million on free meals per year really is well-spent.

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