MBA Student Draws A sceptical Conclusion From The Job Hunt

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A huge reason why people attend business school is for access to a valuable network. At the top schools, recruiters flock to MBAs and convince them to take jobs with great titles and pay packages. The folks over at Wall Street Oasis gave us permission to share a few tips from a recent post, What B-School Taught Me About The Job Hunt:

  1. The more recruiters repeat something about their firm, the less likely it is to be true (ex. “You will have completely free access to our senior bankers. They will be involved in every step of your development. Our seniors have a very firm commitment to your career. We spend 10 per cent of our man-hours on feedback and development. The whole company has an open-door policy.” Etc.)
  2. From your point of view it is more important that you interview them than vice-versa. You are handing them the keys to your life for the next X years. They’re just managing future headcount.
  3. Negotiate your job offer. If the employer pushes back or gets pissed that you’re asking for more, ask them, “If you want to hire someone who won’t pursue better outcomes for themselves, how can you expect them to pursue better outcomes for the firm?”

The author also says that “For what it’s worth, I had five offers for a summer internship and four offers for full-time. Most of these were pretty high-quality offers and I was pleased with my palette of options.”

Read the rest of the tips over at Wall Street Oasis.

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