Floyd Mayweather called Conor McGregor the 'Caucasian' version of himself, and said he would expect a $5 billion payday if he struck a deal with the UFC

  • Conor McGregor is a “Caucasian” Floyd Mayweather.
  • That is according to Mayweather himself, who said he’s a “hell of a knock-off version.”
  • Mayweather famously defeated McGregor in the 10th round of a boxing rules contest in 2017.
  • Since then he knocked out Tenshin Nasukawa within a round in an exhibition bout on December 31, but continues to be linked with a UFC swansong.
  • Mayweather said he could strike a $US5 billion deal with the UFC “if he wanted.”

Floyd Mayweather described Conor McGregor as the “knock-off” Caucasion version of himself during a recent interview with Kevin Hart.

Mayweather and McGregor famously dueled in a landmark crossover boxing rules contest in 2017, which Mayweather won by 10th round stoppage.

Their paths were, perhaps, always destined to merge as McGregor, just like Mayweather, elevated his prizefighting reputation with a flambouyant lifestyle, luxurious purchases, and headline-grabbing statements.

While Mayweather reportedly flew to Iceland, Paris, and Russia recently just to take Instagram photographs, McGregor used the social media site to exchange gushing messages with Hollywood hardman The Rock.

Mayweather is renowned for his diamond-covered watches,private jets, and his flourishing property empire. He even said he was “working on” One Vanderbilt, a 1,301-foot skyscraper in New York City, last year.

McGregor, too, has watched as his own businesses flourish. His whiskey brand Proper no. Twelve was so popular that empty bottles of it were sold on eBay, he has a clothing line called August McGregor, and he recently bought a $US3.4 million 75-foot yacht that Mayweather himself would likely have approved of.

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On Kevin Hart’s “Cold as Balls” show which aired on the LOL Network on YouTube, Mayweather was asked about McGregor – and it seems even he sees similarities.

Mayweather and Kevin Hart Cold as BallsYouTube / LOL NetworkFloyd Mayweather and Kevin Hart.

Mayweather described his former opponent as the “Caucasian Floyd Mayweather,” adding: “He’s a knock-off version, a hell of a knock-off version.”

He went on, however, to offer the Irishman praise, saying he’d take his hat off to him because “he’s a dog.”

Mayweather has long been linked with a move into mixed martial arts. He recently knocked out the kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition bout on December 31 in Japan, and though he has reiterated he is retired, he continues to be asked about whether he’d compete in the UFC Octagon.

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Mayweather told Hart that “anything is possible” and that he could “go get a deal right now from the UFC for $US3 billion or $US5 billion if that’s what I wanted.”

However, he added that his life is great and that he can buy whatever he wants “every month,” so it’s likely he’s in no rush to get into the Octagon at 41 years old.

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