14 Mayors Sign Letter Asking NBA To Think About The Little People

Kevin Johnson

Photo: Associated Press

In an open letter to the NBA, 14 mayors of cities with NBA franchises are calling on the league to end the lockout and save the season. The list of mayors that added their signature to the letter includes former NBA player Kevin Johnson, who is now the mayor of Sacramento.The mayors are asking for the NBA to “consider the consequences” to the cities with NBA teams.

“Many [residents in NBA cities] own or work at small businesses that depend on NBA games for survival.  No matter how you look at it, our NBA teams are a vital part of the economic and social fabric of our cities…We are proud to call our cities home to NBA franchises.  As basketball fans, we know winning and losing is part of the game.  Rest assured; everyone loses if there is no season.”

When asked what type of impact the letter might have, Salt Lake City mayor Ralph Becker isn’t sure, but said the mayors just wanted to give the owners and players “some encouragement” and remind everybody how important the teams are to those communities.

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