There is going to be a candlelight vigil in Trafalgar Square on Thursday night to show 'solidarity' with London attack victims

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, released a statement saying that there will be a
candlelit vigil in Trafalgar Square from 6 p.m. GMT on Thursday to pledge “solidarity with the victims” of the attack in Westminster, London on Wednesday.

Khan asked all Londoners and visitors to the capital to “come together in solidarity to remember those who have lost their lives, to express sympathy with their families and loved ones and to show the world that we are more committed than ever to the values that we hold dear — that we remain united and open.”

“London is the greatest city in the world. We will never be cowed by terrorism. We stand together, in the face of those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life. We always have, and we always will.”

All details of the Trafalgar Square vigil can be found here.

Metropolitan Police confirmed it raided six addresses during the early hours of Thursday morning and made seven arrests in connection to the attack in Westminster, which has claimed four lives and has injured 40 others.

Around 2.40 p.m. GMT on Wednesday, a lone assailant mowed down dozens of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in a 4X4 car, before killing a police officer with a knife in the grounds of Parliament.

Four people, including PC Keith Palmer who was 48-year-old husband and father with 15 years’ service, died. At least 40 were injured in what is being treated as a terror attack in Westminster, London.

The suspect, who is yet to be named, was shot dead by police. The attacker was described by witnesses as Asian and in his forties.

The identity of the first civilian victim has been given as Aysha Frade, a 43-year-old year mother of two, but no other civilians have so far been identified.

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