OOPS: A Local Hotel Owner Has Accidentally Become The Mayor Of This Italian Town

Photo: http://comune.cimolais.pn.it

For the first time in Italy, or in the world maybe, a man has become the mayor of a town without meaning or wanting to.Fabio Borsatti was asked by his friend Gino Bertolo to stand as a challenger against him in the mayoral elections for the town of Cimolais in the province of Pordenone, Vanity Fair reports. Bertolo was afraid that if he ran unopposed, not enough people would come out to vote and the election would be declared invalid.

So Borsatti, 50, who doesn’t even live in Cimolais (he’s a hotel owner in the nearby town of Claut, according to Tempo) filed his nomination right before the deadline. An lo and behold, he won 160 votes in the town of 507 people.

Which would have been great, except it meant his friend Bertolo lost, having gotten only 117 votes, according to the BBC.

To rub salt into Bertolo’s wounds, not only did Borsatti not campaign (he had no political platform), but Borsatti’s own family even voted for Bertolo. “My daughter, my sister, my father and my mother – they all voted for him,” Borsatti told reporters. He only found out he’d won when people telephoned to congratulate him while he watched a soccer match.

Borsatti doesn’t plan to resign, but instead has decided to focus on promoting tourism in the region. He even intends to appoint his friend and “rival” Bertolo as his deputy, according to Messaggero Veneto.

Bertolo is (seemingly) graceful in defeat. “I wasn’t upset… Something apparently unusual happened but it is nothing to joke about,” he said.

(Via Gawker)

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