Mayor Bloomberg Praises Fracking In New Op-Ed

mayor michael bloomberg

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has co-written an op-ed in the Washington Post praising fracking.”The production of shale gas through fracking is the most significant development in the U.S. energy sector in generations, and it affords four major benefits that people on both sides of the debate should welcome,” he said.

The op-ed was co-written with George P. Mitchell, regarded as the pioneer of modern fracking.

Debate over the practice has raged in New York as Governor Andrew Cuomo weighs whether to lift a statewide ban on the procedure, which involves injecting water into the ground to free up hydrocarbons. 

WNYC reports the governor’s environmental officials are expected to reveal their plans for limited fracking in New York communities after labour Day.

“The latest research, including peer-reviewed studies out of Carnegie Mellon University and Argonne National Laboratory, suggests that if properly extracted and distributed, the impact of natural gas on the climate is significantly less than that of coal,” Bloomberg writes. “Safely fracking natural gas can mean healthier communities, a cleaner environment and a reliable domestic energy supply right now.”

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