Mayor Bloomberg Does Not Think Future New York Mayors Should Live At Gracie Mansion

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Mayor Bloomberg presided over the wedding of two gay staffers at Gracie Mansion this summer.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor of New York, famously turned down housing at Gracie Mansion, the storied East Side home where mayors from Fiorello La Guardia to Rudolph Giuliani have lived, to remain in his double-wide townhouse on East 79th Street.Now, Bloomberg is saying future mayors of the city should follow his lead.

According to the New York Times, he said at a recent news conference that it would be wrong to take the house away from the public.

According to the Times:

“The mayor should not live there,” [Bloomberg] added. “And I think, you know, everybody’s going to understand if a mayor lives there, then what they’re doing is they’re costing this city a lot of money, and depriving the rest of the city of one of the great facilities any city has.”

Bloomberg added that his decision not to live at Gracie Mansion freed up the historic home for events. He urged future mayors to make the same choice.

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