Researchers Are Trekking All The Way To Mount Everest To Study Heart Disease

mount everest

Photo: Flickr – Rupert Taylor-Price

Mountain climbers trying to reach the highest point in the world have to battle high wind, extreme cold and a lack of oxygen.It’s a harsh environment that also simulates the conditions experienced by patients suffering from heart disease, according to Mayo Clinic researchers.  

That’s why a group of scientists from the medical organisation will spend one month studying the effects of high altitude on a team of Mount Everest climbers this Spring. 

Specifically, researchers will look at how conditions at 18,000 feet affect sleep quality, muscle loss and lung fluid regulation. 

The goal, according to the Mayo Clinic, is to learn more about human physiology in order to help patients with heart conditions and other ailments.

The mobile experiment, which will run from mid-April to mid-May, will be updated in real-time with blog posts and video clips at Mayo Clinic Medical Science Blog, Advancing The Science

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