PHOTOS: Ladies Line Up In Times Square To Send Kisses To The Troops

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Photo: Dan Goodman/Business Insider

In a sweet tribute to Veterans Day, Cosmopolitan, makeup giant Maybelline New York and the USO are collecting “kisses for the troops” by giving women a coat of lipstick and asking them to smooch a postcard.The postcards will be shipped to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in time for Christmas, and Cosmopolitan and Maybelline New York will donate one dollar for each kiss collected to the USO.

Women are currently line up in Times Square to participate. We were on hand to catch the action.

The tent is set up in Times Square, near the Veterans Day parade route.

The patriotic USO girls explain their mission to passers-by.

Women line up to send a kiss to the troops.

Even the vets themselves are in on the action.

A vet checks out the scene near the tent.

Inside the tent, Maybelline makeup artists apply coats of lipstick,

There are lots of colours to choose from--the brighter the better.

It's the third year the organisations have partnered to collect kisses on Veterans Day.

Girls and women of all ages have come to participate.

There's even a DJ on hand.

After the lipstick, it's time to kiss a postcard.

That's quite a mark.

Participants also write personal notes to the troops.

More kisses.

And more notes.

Perhaps she's imagining the recipient of her smooch.

A magenta kiss.

And a brief note.

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