How A Total Amnesiac Used Facebook To Piece Together The First 26 Years Of His Life

mayank Sharma facebook memoryMayank Sharma as a child.

Photo: Facebook Stories Video Screengrab

Facebook has released a video that introduces the world to Mayank Sharma: A 29-year-old who woke up with absolutely no memory and then used Facebook to put the pieces of his life back together.Although it isn’t technically an ad, rather a “short documentary,” Sharma’s journey nonetheless promotes “Facebook Stories,” the social network’s editorial page which highlights “People using Facebook in extraordinary ways.”

If Memento had a sequel, this would be it …

Mayank Sharma is a 29 year-old technology writer from New Delhi.

He can't remember where he was or when it happened, but one morning in 2010, Sharma awoke with absolutely no memory of the first 26 years of his life.

Tuberculosis meningitis ravaged his nervous system and eventually morphed into hydrocephalus: stripping him of all of his memories.

He could no longer recognise his father...

... his mother ...

... or his brother.

When he was able, Sharma began to use the computer again. He went through his old search histories to try to piece together his old life.

And so it began.

Sharma's friends replied in posts and messages—putting back the pieces of his mysterious past.

Posted pictures opened up a floodgate of memories. Sharma wrote on his blog:

Sharma has also used Facebook to share his progress with newly familiar friends.

Facebook Stories made a video of Sharma's experience to show the innovative ways people use the social media site.

Watch the video here:

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