Workers From All Around The World Are Angry, Rising Up, And Protesting Today

It’s May 1, which is May Day, which for much of the non-American world, is a big holiday for workers.

Pretty much all of Continental Europe has off for it.

May Day sees pro-labour demonstrations and protests all around the world.

Here’s a few examples. All descriptions are from Reuters.

May 1, 2013 Supporters of the Iraqi Communist Party carry a banner and an Iraqi flag during a rally marking Labour Day at al-Firdous Square in Baghdad

may day protest iraq

Protesters wearing safety helmets carry a dummy body, which symbolizes a person killed in an industrial accident, during a march calling for the legislative restrictions on standard working hours, on Labour Day in Hong Kong May 1, 2013. The banner reads, “Against the import of foreign workers”.

may day protest hong kong

Workers from the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) take part in a May Day rally at Seoul City Hall Plaza in central Seoul May 1, 2013. Thousands of workers who took part in the rally asked for an extensive revision of the labour law and demanded that the government provide temporary workers employment stability by converting their status to full-time workers.

may day protest korea

A garment worker attends a march on the streets to mark International labour Day in Phnom Penh

may day dollar signs

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