Most Important Person In British PR Arrested By BBC Sex Abuse Scandal Investigators

Max Clifford, PR advisor to the stars and one of the most important people in British media, has been arrested in an investigation that has links to the BBC’s ongoing sex abuse scandal.

According to the BBC, British police have confirmed they have arrested a man in London “on suspicion of sexual offenses”. Sources have reportedly told the Telegraph that the man is Clifford. It appears Clifford has not been charged and is only being questioned at present.

Few people in British media are as powerful as Clifford, who became a household name for his willingness to work with unpopular figures on their public image, especially after big scandals. Some of his most famous clients include OJ Simpson and Simon Cowell.

While specific offences are not believed to be directly linked to the allegations of sexual abuse against BBC star Jimmy Savile, the investigation is part of Operation Yewtree — an operation British police set up after the Savile scandal in a bid to investigate “historic sex offences”.

Clifford may have seen this coming. During a Sky News interview in October he said that in the 1960s people “never asked for anybody’s birth certificate.”