Why Dwight Howard's Shock Decision To Stay In Orlando Is A Huge Win For Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban

Photo: AP Images

After flip-flopping six or seven times over the last few days, it looks like Dwight Howard is staying in Orlando.What does it mean?

Basically, the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets are probably screwed. Their grand plan all along was to pair Dwight with Deron Williams by either trading for him now or signing him as a free agent this summer.

But now that Dwight is staying, Williams re-signing with Brooklyn this summer is far from a foregone conclusion.

Who benefits?

Mark Cuban, or more specifically, the Dallas Mavericks — who cleared their books so that they have cap room to sign a player like Williams this summer.

If Dwight would have gone to Brooklyn, so would Williams, and the Mavs would have had to turn elsewhere. But now that Dwight is off the market, Williams is on the market, and Dallas — with a roster that will include Dirk Nowitzki, Shawne Marion, and some nice role players — looks like a far more desirable destination than Kris Humphries, Johan Petro, and the rest of the lowly Brooklyn Nets.

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