MAVERICKS: Apple Named Its New OS After This California Surf Spot

Apple announced at its big developer conference today that its newest operating system would be called OS X Mavericks.

The company’s last nine operating systems were named after cats. With OS X Mavericks, Apple is switching gears and naming its OS after “places in California that inspire us,” CEO Tim Cook said at the conference today. 

Mavericks is a popular surfing location in Northern California, outside Pillar Point Harbor and just north of Half Moon Bay. It is known for its unusually high waves, which are caused by an underwater rock formation.

Mavericks is a winter destination for big-wave surfers, who brave hazardous conditions to ride some of the best waves around.

A surfer at a 2010 competition in Mavericks

A surfer at the Mavericks Invitational Surfing event in January 2013

mavericks surf

Mavericks surf break near Half Moon Bay

mavericks calif

Mavericks is off the coast of Pillar Point (pictured here)

mavericks california

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