General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis Wants To Teach You About Leadership

AP110201148779AP Photo/Matt DunhamGen. James N. Mattis

Legendary Marine General James Mattis is in the early stages of writing a book on leadership and strategy with co-author Bing West, Hope Hodge Seck of Marine Corps Times reports.

“The process is that we see each other and spend time together,” West told Marine Times. “We use recording devices and then have the audio typed up and transcribed.”

Mattis confirmed a book was in the works but offered no details to The Times.

Mattis, who retired from the Corps after more than 40 years of service, certainly knows a thing or two on the topic of leadership. His last posting was at U.S. Central Command, tasked with overseeing thousands of service members and strategy in 20 countries. Before that, he personally lead Marines through combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since his retirement, Mattis has moved into academia, accepting positions at both Dartmouth and Stanford. He also gave a very candid and insightful talk on Middle East policy in late July.

His co-author Bing West has done collaborations on numerous occasions, most recently writing with Medal of Honour recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer on his 2012 book “Into The Fire,” an account of the Afghan battle in which Meyer personally rescued 12 wounded men during an ambush by Taliban insurgents.

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