Matthew Simmons: "We've Now Killed The Gulf Of Mexico"

Matthew Simmons has been saying the spill is worse than anyone admits for weeks, and he hasn’t been wrong yet.

Today he tells Bloomberg we’ve now killed the Gulf of Mexico.

Simmons says the leak is much bigger than the cameras show thanks to a big gushing hole around 10 miles from the sunken rig:

“What we don’t know anything about is the open hole which is caused by the drill bit when it tossed the blow-out preventer way out of the holeā€¦and 120,000 minimum of toxic poison has now covered the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. So what they’re talking about is the biggest environmental cover-up ever. And they knew that that well, that riser, would finally deplete. And then they could say it’s over. And unfortunately, we now have killed the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil could decimate aquatic life by depleting oxygen and poisoning the food chain. This would also kill the $2.2 trillion Gulf economy.

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