Fans are just noticing that Matthew Perry’s real-life dad appeared on ‘Friends’

Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing on ‘Friends.’ NBC

No matter how many times we rewatch “Friends,” there are always surprise details to pick up on.

Fans of the beloved sitcom have recently rediscovered that Matthew Perry’s real-life dad, actor John Bennett Perry, made a cameo on season four, episode 18, “The One With Rachel’s New Dress.”

The actor appeared as Mr. Burgin, the father of Rachel’s boyfriend Joshua

Matthew perry dad friends
John Bennett Perry appeared on ‘Friends.’ NBC

On season four, when Rachel and her then-boyfriend Joshua go to his parents’ house for the evening, they think they’re all alone. But it turns out, his parents have just returned from their holiday.

They walk in to find Rachel in a sexy nightdress, waiting suggestively on the sofa — which prompts Joshua’s father (John) to later say, “I like her, she seems smart.”

Looking back now, the resemblance is really uncanny. John and Matthew have the same smile, tone of voice, and comedic timing.

But the father-son duo didn’t share a scene during John’s one-episode arc, so that’s probably why the connection was so easy to miss.

Matthew is a household name — but his dad is well-established in Hollywood, too

Matthew perry john bennett perry
John Bennett Perry and Matthew Perry in LA in 2003. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

For almost 40 years, John appeared in successful comedies, including “George of the Jungle” and “The Sweetest Thing,” the science-fiction classic “Independence Day,” and hit TV shows like “Veronica Mars.”

He also played Matthew’s on-screen dad in “Fools Rush In” and on an episode of “Scrubs.”

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