Matthew McConaughey Really Loved His Old Pickup Truck

Matthew McConaughey is engaged in his media blitz to promote “Interstellar,” which opening last week.

He’s on the cover of People magazine and offered a series of life lessons to the publication.

One of them involved a car. And a truck. And McConaughey’s imitable way of talking about cars and trucks and, heck, pretty much everything.

Here’s People:

In another life-changing moment, which he titled “The Curse of the Red Sports Car,” the star recalls his misguided decision to trade in his four-cylinder truck for a fancy cherry-red sports car in high school.

“My truck was informal, rugged, social, like me,” he says. “But this 300ZX [sports car] was my dream car, or so I thought. And as soon as I got it, something changed. I started acting like my car. I became really concerned with my appearance, meticulous, self-conscious.”

Needless to say, the star sold the car two months later and got his truck — not to mention his down-to-earth swagger — back.

Informal. Rugged. OK, that we can see.

But social? Does that mean McConaughey couldn’t fit enough friends and family members in the back seat of his 300ZX (an understandable problem)? Or that it was no good for tailgating?

Wikimedia CommonsNot allright, allright, allright…

Then of course there the whole question of why a sports car would make a man more meticulous and self-conscious.

But let’s give McConaughey the benefit of the doubt. Trucks will tend to give one licence to, for example, avoid getting them washed for months on end.

Of course, McConaughey is now rolling around in a Lincoln MKC SUV — if you believe the widely parodied ads for Ford’s luxury brand, in which the Oscar-winning actor meanders through various stream-of-consciousness musings, encounters a large bull, talks about the past and the future and…

Yeah. Trippy.

Evidently, he’s OK with the Lincoln. It hasn’t — clearly hasn’t — made him self-conscious at all.

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