Iconic Matterhorn Mountain Mapped In Impeccable Detail By Drones

The Matterhorn mountain in the Pennine Alps was photographed by drones in order to create landmark surveying of the region.

Drone Adventures, a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland, led the mission in order to promote humanitarian and cultural use of drones.

“We see drones as a powerful and exciting tool that can be used to make the world a better place for all for all the people and creatures that share it,” stated on the Drone Adventures website.

A team of senseFly engineers climbed the Matterhorn summit and launched multiple eBee drones down the mountain. The drones were released from different points on the mountain and took over 2,200 images. The entire process took the team only 6 hours.

The pictures were processed by Pix4D and then used to create a 3D model which was unveiled at the Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference in New York City.

Here are some pictures of the 3D model created from this mission:

And here is a video showing how the project was planned and executed.

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