Matt Taibbi Successfully Exposes The Disintegration And Crackup Of The Left

taibbi fernholz

is all about how Obama ran as a progressive, but quickly sold out to Wall Street, bringing back all the old deregulation-happy “Rubinites” from the Clinton administration.

Like a lot of Taibbi’s stuff, there were some reaches in logic in rhetoric. Tim Fernholz of the liberal publication The American Prospect slammed the piece, saying it was filled with inaccuracies, calling it a “nightmare of a story.”

We’re not interested in in adjudicating the Fernholz vs. Taibbi battle. Felix Salmon can handle that.

But what Taibbi has done — and this is truly impressive — is expose the disintegration of the left and disappointment it’s experiencing in Barack Obama.

The comments on Fernholz’s piece mainly attack him for being a pro-Obama shill. And again, this is coming from the left (as is Taibbi, of course, but he’s smart enough to throw hand grenades at anyone as long as it makes for big articles).

The thing is, in Washington DC, politics is a team sport. There’s really no upside — whether you’re a journalist or if you work for a think tank — to be attacking those of your party. So beltway-types will write nit-picky pieces about how Taibbi didn’t really have all the facts right.

But the bottom line is that people who aren’t so interested in partisan politics — but actually interested in policy and the choices the President makes — are increasingly disillusioned.

Just as Matt Taibb permanently branded Goldman Sachs as the “Vampire Squid” so too has he successfully exposed the deep fractures on the left, less than a year into Barack Obama’s first year.

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