Matt Taibbi Calls Geithner A Mop-Headed Non-Human

matt taibbi

Matt Taibbi’s latest slam piece takes aim at Obama and how he’s changed since we elected him.

Taibbi says that Obama’s economic administration has been sucking up to Wall Street from Day 2.

The way to correct the “insanity,” Taibbi says is to get rid of Geithner ASAP.

In Taibbi’s always colourful words: 

“Not only are the mop-headed weenie of a Treasury secretary’s fingerprints on virtually all the gross giveaways in the new reform legislation, he’s a living symbol of the Rubinite gangrene crawling up the leg of this administration. Putting Geithner against the wall and replacing him with an actual human being not recently employed by a Wall Street megabank would do a lot to prove that Obama was listening this past Election Day.” (Emphasis is ours.)

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