Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw a hilarious interception 2 days after his coach said he's not worried about his frequent turnovers

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has often been criticised for his carelessness with the ball.

In 2015, Ryan threw 16 interceptions, and thus far, in training camp, he doesn’t seem to be helping that image.

Two days after Falcons head coach Dan Quinn told reporters he’s not worried about Ryan’s continued interceptions in training camp, unfortunate video surfaced of Ryan throwing an interception — right to offensive coordinator Kyle¬†Shanahan.

Contrary to rumours, Kyle Shanahan & Matt Ryan do work well together. #Falcons pic.twitter.com/vWK6jOUaqS
— Knox Bardeen (@knoxbardeen) August 4, 2016

This interception actually wasn’t Ryan’s fault. Rookie tight end Austin Hooper ran a bad route and didn’t come to the ball. Furthermore, Shanahan knew the route and the play and thus, could anticipate where he could pick off Ryan. After the play, you can see Shanahan telling Hooper what he did wrong.

It was funny nonetheless.

After practice on Thursday, Ryan was asked what Shanahan said to him afterward, and Ryan seemed to suggest Hooper will be in trouble.

“He’s going to get fined in our meeting room, that’s for sure,” Ryan joked. He then added that things like this make training camp fun.

“But that’s part of the fun of camp. … You get to have a good time with stuff like that. Even with that play, I think that’s a great thing for Austin to learn from, for both of us to learn from of where it needs to be. And that’s a cool way for Kyle to get that message across.”

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