Matt McMullen Will Make You A Life-Size Doll Companion For $6,000

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Earlier this week we introduced you to the men who gave up dating in favour of life-size dolls. Now, meet Matt McMullen, a creator of these notorious dolls. Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari, the filmmakers behind Borderland, visited McMullen’s doll factory about a year ago and picked his brain about how got started.McMullen, who considers himself an artist, told them, “I was always driven to sculpt females and it just evolved. And this was like the logical progression of what I wanted to do with my artistic abilities and my desire to create.”

Realdoll actually started when McMullen tried to create a mannequin that would step “outside of the boundaries of traditional model-esque” mannequins.


McMullen says he was always a bit of a recluse, spending a lot of the time by himself working in a garage

After seeing what he was working on, a lot of his family members considered him weird

His initial concept was not a real life doll, but rather a more realistic mannequin with sexy curves

McMullen created a website to put the word out about his project, but most of the feedback he received inquired whether the doll was anatomically correct and if it could be ordered

Besides being anatomically correct, these dolls are extremely life like - from top to the very bottom of their toes

Even their fingers and nails look realistic

The dolls are made to order and can be customised in many ways including the size of their breasts

Customers can also order a variety of accessories for their dolls

He also says that these dolls are not for everyone

McMullen's customers are as devoted to his dolls as he is. According to him, they have an emotional investment in the doll before it even arrives at their home

McMullen says he is not one to judge, nor that anyone else should

Starting at $5,999, McMullen's dolls are becoming companions to people all over the world

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