Matt LeBlanc Ex-Manager Says She's Not Nuts, Still Suing For $1 Million

Two weeks ago, we told you about Matt LeBlanc’s manager suing him for $1 million in commission and noted the amount she was asking for was equivalent to LeBlanc’s salary for one episode of Friends. Evidently times must be tough for the former Joey Tribbiani, because he’s not giving it up without proof that his former manager was fit to handle his business affairs.

E! Online: Facing a breach-of-contract complaint from ex-business manager Camille Cerio, the former Friends star has struck back, filing a motion this week in Los Angeles Superior Court seeking a mental examination of his former pal.

In a petition filed Tuesday and obtained by E! News, LeBlanc’s camp argues that a psychological evaluation by a court-appointed psychologist is warranted since his onetime money manager made her mental state an issue by claiming a 1995 termination agreement was “unenforceable” because she was stressed out when she signed it…

Team LeBlanc says that if Cerio did have psychological issues, she was not fit to handle his affairs, effectively rendering her contract null and void.

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