Matt Lauer Ranks 'Least Trusted' News Anchor In New Poll

matt lauer ann curry

Readers Digest has put together a poll of “The 100 Most Trusted People in America.”

They teamed up with research firm The Wagner Group to poll over 1,000 Americans and discover which individuals and the ideals they represent have earned our confidence. 

Those surveyed were asked for their views on a list of “more than 200 American opinion shapers, leaders and headline makers from 15 highly influential professions.”

The number one most trusted person in America? Actor Tom Hanks.

But unsurprisingly, not nearly as popular as Hanks was Matt Lauer.

Following the ousting of Ann Curry, the “Today” show host’s reputation has clearly hit a low point.

The Readers Digest poll revealed which TV anchors are currently the most — and least — trusted in America:

  1. Robin Roberts, “Good Morning America” (56%) Diane Sawyer, “ABC World News” (51%) Brian Williams, “NBC Nightly News” (50%) Barbara Walters, ABC (50%) Katie Couric, ABC News special correspondent (49%) Anderson Cooper, CNN “Anderson Cooper 360°” (48%) George Stephanopoulos, “Good Morning America” (47%) Scott Pelley, “CBS Evening News” (46%) Savannah Guthrie, NBC “Today” Show (42%) Matt Lauer, NBC “Today” Show (41%) — The lowest number for any of the network news hosts who made the list.
  2. Robin Roberts, “Good Morning America” (56%)
  3. Diane Sawyer, “ABC World News” (51%)
  4. Brian Williams, “NBC Nightly News” (50%)
  5. Barbara Walters, ABC (50%)
  6. Katie Couric, ABC News special correspondent (49%)
  7. Anderson Cooper, CNN “Anderson Cooper 360°” (48%)
  8. George Stephanopoulos, “Good Morning America” (47%)
  9. Scott Pelley, “CBS Evening News” (46%)
  10. Savannah Guthrie, NBC “Today” Show (42%)
  11. Matt Lauer, NBC “Today” Show (41%) — The lowest number for any of the network news hosts who made the list.

This is the first year Reader’s Digest has published the “Most Trusted” list in the U.S., so a spokeswoman couldn’t say how Lauer’s rating might have changed over time.

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