Matt Lauer Broke His 17-Year ‘No Dance’ Policy This Morning

Matt Lauer broke his 17-year “no dancing” policy this morning on the “Today” show.

Lauer surprised his co-hosts and viewers as he danced alongside show guest Psy, allowing the Korean pop star to teach him his signature “Gangnam Style” and new “Gentleman” dance moves.

On Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” Lauer explained his former no-dance rule to Jay Leno: “I made a vow years ago. Bryant Gumbel told me, ‘Don’t sing and don’t dance on the show.'”

“I’ve made it 17 years without dancing … tomorrow I might break the record,” he hinted.

Here’s one way to try and rehab a troubled reputation and declining ratings:

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Lauer discussed his recent bad reputation with Leno when he appeared on the show this week.

“You’ve been taking a lot of hits this year, how are you holding up?” asked the late-night host.

“It’s been an interesting year — no question about it,” admitted Lauer. “I am not a guy who complains — I love this job, I really do.”

Lauer also addressed a recent letter Kathie Lee wrote in support of her longtime friend and “Today” show family member.

Lauer calls it a “very, very sweet” gesture, emphasising, “She’s kind and she’s compassionate — and she’s been there. She’s a great friend.”

Watch Lauer talk to Leno about his bad repuation: