Dodgers Star Matt Kemp's Kind Gesture To A Young Fan With Cancer Gets Caught On Tape

During a recent game in San Francisco, outfielder Matt Kemp learned that there was a young Dodgers fan in the stands that was dying of cancer. After the game, Kemp went to the fan and literally offered the shirt off his back, and his cap, and his cleats, and an autographed baseball.

According to Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports, Joshua Jones’ father had struck up a conversation with the Dodgers’ third base coach, Tim Wallach. The coach then informed Kemp of the young fan’s situation. So Kemp waited for Wallach after the game to show him where Jones was sitting.

When Kemp arrived at the seats, he first shook the fan’s hand and offered an autographed baseball. But Kemp wasn’t done. He also gave Jones his cap, his jersey, and his cleats.

Later, Kemp told the media that he had no idea somebody was recording the scene and explained why he made the gesture. “Life is so much more important than baseball and that was something I felt like I needed to do,” said Kemp. “Hopefully that made that kid’s day.”

It’s great to see an athlete do such a great thing without any thought for self-promotion. Hopefully it happens more often than we realise. Here’s the video…

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