Ex-Raiders Quarterback Matt Flynn Made $US14.5 Million Because Of One Good Game

The Oakland Raiders
cut back-up quarterback Matt Flynn today, according to widespread reports.

It’s embarrassing for the team, which traded a 5th-round pick in 2014 for him last spring.

It’s also embarrassing for Flynn.

He signed with Seattle under the impression that he’d be the starting QB in 2012, and had his job taken by Russell Wilson. After that, he got traded to Oakland under the impression that he’d be the starter there, and had his job taken by Terrelle Pryor.

That’s the sad part of Flynn’s story.

The happy part is that he made $US14.5 million, largely on the strength of one good game with the Packers in 2011.

In the final game of the 2011 season, the the 14-1 Green Bay Packers sat all their starters against the Lions, including quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Flynn (the back-up) started at QB, and had one of the single greatest quarterback performances of the year. He had 480 yards passing and six touchdowns, both franchise records.

After the game his coach said, “It was clearly one of the best performances I’ve been a part of. No doubt about it. I can’t say enough about Matt Flynn. The whole world got to see what we see every day.”

It was his second start ever.

When he became a free agent in 2012, he signed with Seattle on a three-year, $US19.5 million contract — a huge deal for a career back-up.

He has only started one game since, a 24-14 loss against the Redskins last week. Despite that, he made all but $US5 million of that contract before getting cut by the Raiders.

That’s $US14.5 million for one incredible game.

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