Matt Damon called himself the 'dumbest actor of all time' for turning down a 10% stake in the profits of 'Avatar'

GEOFF ROBINS/AFP via Getty Images/20th Century FoxMatt Damon said he’s the ‘dumbest actor of all time’ after turning down Sam Worthington’s role in 2009’s ‘Avatar.’
  • Matt Damon called himself the “dumbest actor of all time” for turning down the lead role in “Avatar.” The comment came in a new interview with the BBC before the release of “Ford v Ferrari,” which he stars in alongside Christian Bale.
  • Damon told GQ last month that James Cameron offered him 10% of the 2009 film’s profits if he played the lead character, Jake Sully, a role that eventually went to Sam Worthington.
  • The BBC told the 49-year-old he would have earned $US250 million for his stake in the movie.
  • “I’m like the worst businessman,” Damon said.
  • “Ford v Ferrari” is in theatres Wednesday.
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Matt Damon called himself the “dumbest actor of all time” for turning down a 10% share of the profits of what remains one of the highest-grossing films ever, “Avatar,” in 2009.

Damon talked about the lapse in judgment with his “Ford v Ferrari” costar Christian Bale during an interview with the BBC published on Wednesday.

“I do like the fact that I’m allowed to say with pride I’m the dumbest actor of all time, I’m like the worst businessman,” Damon remarked.

Last month the 49-year-old actor told GQ that the director James Cameronoffered him 10% of the profits from “Avatar” if he’d play Jake Sully, a role that later went to Sam Worthington. “I’ve left more money on the table than any other actor really,” he said.

The BBC interviewer told Damon: “You know people have done the maths on this and worked out?”

“I don’t want to hear it, I honestly don’t want to hear it,” Damon replied.

Had Damon taken the role, the BBC interviewer told the actor, he’d have been $US250 million richer. “Avatar” made more than $US2.7 billion at the box office.

Bale chimed: “Ooh that would come in handy!”

Watch the interview below:

Damon and Bale are promoting their first film together, “Ford v Ferrari,” which is scheduled for worldwide release Wednesday.

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