Memphis Grizzlies player hits miraculous game-winner from half-court

The Memphis Grizzlies pulled out perhaps the most miraculous win of the young NBA season Wednesday night.

Trailing the Detroit Pistons by one, the Pistons missed a jump shot, then two tap attempts, as forward Matt Barnes grabbed the rebound with six seconds left.

Barnes dribbled up to half-court, and despite there being just over three seconds left, launched a prayer from half-court.

And it went in.

The Grizzlies went up by one with just over a second left and hung on to win the game.

The Pistons’ Marcus Morris’ reaction says it all:

It’s been a lucky week for the Grizzlies, who also had a game-winning dunk off of a lob pass on Sunday night.

For the Pistons, it can’t get any worse. A player launching a 45-foot shot with over three seconds to play is exactly what you’d like. Unfortunately, luck was on Barnes’ side, and the Grizzlies stole the win. 

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