2 mating kookaburra birds are at fault for a power outage in Australia

  • Last week in Australia, two kookaburra birds caused a power outage.
  • The animals were mating atop a power line when the female bird spread her lings causing to parallel lines to connect and literal sparks to fly.
  • About 1,000 homes lost power for an hour because of the incident.
  • Paul Entwistle, a Western Power spokesman, called it an “amorous avian adventure.”
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Two rather amorous kookaburra birds were responsible for a power outage in Western Australia on Thursday. According to USA Today, the two birds were mating on a pole attached to a power line when literal sparks flew.

“This action caused sparks to fly between the two birds as they acted as conductors for electricity between the separated lines,” said Western Power spokesman Paul Entwistle.

One bird, the female, acted as a conductor between two wires when she extended her wings and connected the two power lines

About 1,000 homes lost power because of the incident. It was restored after an hour.

Both birds were found dead by officials.

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Entwistle called it an “amorous avian adventure.”

“It seems to be a case of a couple of lovebirds who have made the wrong connection, unfortunately,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Love conquers all, except when it comes to known laws of science and friction.