10 Fun Facts We Just Learned From Android Ice Cream Sandwich Godfather Matias Duarte

josh topolsky mathias duarte galaxy nexus 2

Photo: Ellis Hamburger, Business Insider

At last night’s taping of “On The Verge,” Android Ice Cream Sandwich user experience director Matias Duarte spilled the beans on werewolf smartphones, the roots of Android’s new font called Roboto, and a lot more.Click on to see some pictures and fun facts from the show.

Duarte spoke about Roboto, Ice Cream Sandwich's new typeface, and the 'fontroversy' surrounding it.

'We wanted Roboto to provoke discussion within the typographic community. Traditional choices weren't going to work. We wanted geometric purity. If you can't tell the difference between Roboto and Helvetica then you're not part of that discussion.'

'When sans serif fonts were invented they are called grotesque, a horrible mish mosh. Letters so crude they must've been written by a caveman.'

Duarte wouldn't outright say it, but he implied that Samsung's TouchWiz interface is a bit derivative of iOS.

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