Food and beer at the Masters is ridiculously cheap

The Masters is unlike any other gof tournamentand despite the exclusivity and prestige of the event, food prices at the concession stands remain ridiculously cheap.

Augusta National’s famous pimento sandwich is the star of the show and costs just $US1.50.

The most expensive food items on the menu are the grilled chicken wrap and the classic chicken sandwich at $US3.00 each. A domestic beer will set you back $US3.00 and it will be $US4.00 for an import.

BI’s Jay Yarow went to Augusta last year and got the famous $US1.50 pimento cheese sandwich. He reports that it’s really good:

Prices have not changed over the last two years. However, it wasn’t that long ago that prices were even cheaper.

The price of a domestic beer has actually risen 50% in just eight years since 2007 when they were priced at just $US2.00. An import was just $US3.00 at the time. Eight years ago, the sign looked like this:


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