Here Are This Week's Winners And Losers In Sports

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As college basketball came to a close this week, MLB had its opening day (days?) and the Masters kicked off.And our every favourite Gronk had a wonderful week, a tennis player couldn’t be more supportive of her golfer boyfriend, and an NBA start continues to dunk on anyone, and everyone.

Oh and Anthony Davis managed to hang on to his contacts to take Kentucky to victory.

WINNER: Stan Van Gundy

Stan Van is fantastic. He may have submarined the Orland Magic's season by admitting that a team exec told him that Dwight Howard wants him fired.

But he also said, 'The only thing I'm uncomfortable with is bulls**t.'


WINNER: Kentucky

Kentucky did what we all expected them to do and won the national championship in convincing fashion.

Anthony Davis was spectacular despite the fact that he struggled from the field.

The worst part: this super enjoyable team basically disappears when all their players enter the NBA Draft two months from now.

WINNER: Blake Griffin

Blake's Clippers lost their six-game winning streak against the Lakers.

But he absolutely obliterated Pau Gasol with two huge slams.

WINNER: Rob Gronkowski

Gronk spiked a watermelon and took a nap in a bed full of cats this week.

Sounds about right.

WINNER: Caroline Wozniacki


Our favourite sports couple had a nice week. Rory is one back of the lead at the Masters, and Caroline is being the ultimate fan.

She even complained about the tourney not being on TV.

LOSER: Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard called for his head coach to be fired, and then completely denied it. Basically, the Magic is a mess and it's mostly Howard's fault.

LOSER: Bobby Petrino

Bobby Petrino got into a motorcycle accident this week, which is terrible, and he's going to be fine.

But the bad part: he was on the motorcycle with a 25-year-old female Arkansas employee who he said he had a previous 'inappropriate relationship' with. Reminder: Petrino is married.

LOSER: Gregg Williams

Gregg Williams may never coach again. After this audio came out, we realise how terrible the Bountygate scandal at the Saints really was.


Opening day? More like Opening days. Way to take all the fun out of a million baseball games in one day, MLB.

LOSER: Augusta National

For goodness sake, let women in.

It's 2012.


You know what else happened this week?

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