GamesThatGive Lets You Play A Game And Do A Good Deed At The Same Time

MasterCard may be taking your money in fees, but they’re also giving back to the community. They are one of several companies who are participating in GamesThatGive, which creates custom Facebook games for these individual companies. When people play, large companies, including MasterCard, donate money to charity. Recipients of the funds include UNICEF, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Habitat for Humanity.

A Good Way To Procrastinate
Next time you can’t seem to be productive anymore and really don’t want to waste precious time, take a break, play a game and do a good deed at the same by donating to charity with GamesThatGive.  GamesThatGive designs unique Facebook games, such as Solitaire, Gems, and Bubble Burst for brands like Pepsi, MasterCard, Dial Soap, Starbuck’s, and Domino’s. Every time a gamer plays, the donations go towards a charitable cause.

GamesThatGive was started by friends Adam Archer and Kris Goss in 2008. Adam was an engineer on Mac OS X, which is the operating system used on Apple devices. The company got its big break in February when Facebook got involved. Before that, the process was a lot less efficient. Customers had to install gaming apps in order to play. Now the process is easy, requiring no sign up. The combination of Facebook, interesting games, unique advertising and giving back is becoming a popular concept. Other companies are looking into developing similar programs.

A variety of options are provided for the consumer, the brand and even the charity. Charities are selected by the brand or the game player. Donations can be given depending on how long you stay on the site or when you have reached a certain level. Companies can choose how few or how many products they want on their website.

The idea behind the concept is that not only are the games very addictive, but the actual act of giving engages the customer further. For example, the game, Seventh Generation, working to protect planet’s home, has seen an average of 10 minutes of game time each visit. Customers spend over 10 minutes on average on each site. This is a lot longer than the average visit to a typical website.

GamesThatGive is a huge opportunity for nonprofits, who have had trouble in the recession. Every campaign dedicates a portion of proceeds that goes to charity. Not only do charities benefit, but the companies win as well. Every time a customer plays a game, the player automatically becomes a captive viewer to the website.

If you are like most people and wish you had time to do some volunteering but for some reason can never find the time, playing games for charity could be the perfect solution.