"Massive Execution Challenges" Ahead For Jumptap's New CEO

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Mobile ad network Jumptap switched out CEOs today, hiring venture capitalist George Bell as its new chief executive.

Based on a few quick conversations with industry sources, it appears that things aren’t very rosy at Jumptap, and that Bell is stepping in to make sure General Catalyst’s investment in Jumptap doesn’t go down the drain.

We’re hoping to chat with Bell later to get the official word on what’s going on at Jumptap, but here’s what we’ve heard so far today from industry sources. Bear in mind that many of these people work for Jumptap competitors, so they stand to gain by making Jumptap look bad. (Update: We just talked to Bell. Here’s our followup.)

Here’s what people are talking about:

  • The company has raised about $70 million to date, but 2010 revenues are shaping up around $25 million, according to one industry source. (Update: Bell disputes this, suggesting it’s much higher.)
  • Head of sales Evan Krauss is out, as are “a few key publisher services guys,” and senior director of marketing Julie Ginches, who is now VP of marketing at DataXu.
  • Chief marketing office Paran Johar could be gone soon. (Update: He says he’s not going anywhere.)
  • “Massive execution challenges, limited publisher network.”
  • “Numerous shifts in biz models and top management changes. Going into the most important ad quarter of the year…not sure what is going on.”
  • Difference in leadership opinion whether to be an ad company or a tech company. 
  • Microsoft didn’t include Jumptap in its Windows Phone 7 mobile ad program, though rivals WHERE, InMobi, Millennial Media, and MobClix are included.
  • “Company is being recapitalized.” (Update: Bell says this isn’t true.)

Heard more or different? Let us know at [email protected] Anonymity guaranteed.

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