Here's the massive diamond encrusted pinky ring Future bought for Drake

Drake and rapper Future shocked the world last month when they released a mixtape out of nowhere titled “What a Time to Be Alive.”

One of the songs on the album called “Big Rings” alludes to the fact that their team is champions of the hip-hop world.

Drake is constantly comparing he and his friends to a basketball team and loves to insinuate that they have “won it all.” Now what many thought was a clever metaphor has become reality.

Early Monday morning Drake posted an Instagram video of a massive pinky ring with both he and Future’s logos etched in diamonds. OVO representing Drake, and FGB representing Future.

During the post, you can hear Drake in the background singing another song from the album called “Diamonds Dancing.” A lot of the collaborative album has diamond innuendos and even the album art is diamond themed.

In the caption Drake wrote: “Big rings from my brother Future. Champion Sound OVOFBG.”

Here’s another close up picture of the gorgeous diamond ring:

Though Drake and Future might say they’re champions, their album sales haven’t quite lived up to it. “What a Time” opened up as the No.1 album on Billboard selling over 330,000 copies in the first week, but then suffered greatly in week two as they dropped 81% — one of the worst drop offs ever.

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