A 360-pound alligator that snuck up on a kayaker was captured after a 3-hour hunt

Bo Storey’s fight or flight instincts kicked in when he saw an alligator in the wild. Tyler Kaufman/AP Photo
  • A man in Georgia got chased out of a pond by a very big alligator.
  • Bo Storey told WRDW he was surprised when he realised he was not alone in the water.
  • Soon, he came face-to-face with a massive, 360-pound gator.
  • The animal pursued him until he vacated the pond. Storey says he paddled very, very fast.
  • Hours later, it was caught because it was deemed to be a nuisance due to its size and demeanour.
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Things started to get hairy when Bo Storey realised he wasn’t alone in the water.

On Monday, Storey was practicing for an upcoming bass fishing tournament when he noticed something in the water with him in a pond in Augusta, Georgia, according to WRDW.

It wasn’t a bass.

Storey soon realised the animal in the water was an alligator. A big one, mind you. As the massive 10-feet long, 360-pound gator got to be about 10 feet away from Storey, who was in a kayak, his fight or flight instincts kicked in. In the heat of the moment, he fled.

“I just paddled and paddled, it came within probably 5 feet of the back of my kayak like up on a plane surging, coming at me and I just non stop paddled ’til I got to my truck,” he told WRDW.

Later that night, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office was working in Molly Pond to wrangle the gator. The animal was considered a “nuisance” due to its large size and demeanour – including an apparent lack of humans.

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Robbie Amerson, another Georgia resident, noticed the Sheriff’s cars near the pond decided to pull over himself, WRDW reported. When he learned they were trying to wrangle a gator, he called his friend Trey Durant who has a tag to hunt gators from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

WRDW reports that Amerson, Durant, and Storey are all friends, which is quite a charming coincidence. Storey says that he didn’t know that Durant would be the one who ultimately caught and killed the gator that chased him.

It took three hours, but the gator was removed from the pond. According to Newsweek, it was taken to a processor and will be turned into meat.

As “hot alligator summer” lives on, there are an estimated 200,000 to 250,000 alligators in Georgia, according to the Georgia DNR. The Georgia DNR initiated a nuisance alligator program in 1989 to allow licensed trappers to catch any alligator longer than 4 feet if it is outside its normal domain, being fed by humans, or acting aggressively.