MISRATA MASSACRE: Qaddafi Troops Fire Cluster Bombs Into Civilian Areas

Libyan soldiers in Misrata

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UPDATE :19 ET: The massacre continues.Qaddafi’s forces have been firing cluster bombs into Misrata, witnesses tell the NYT. These weapons, which release a wide array of shrapnel, are banned through much of the world.

When asked about Qaddafi’s use of cluster bombs, Hillary Clinton said: I’m not surprised by anything that Colonel Qadaffi and his forces do.

Over 600 people have been killed in Misrata since fighting began, most of them civilians, local doctors say.

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07:36 ET: Qaddafi controls every western city except for Misrata. For weeks his military has been bombarding the rebels with Grad rockets and firing on them with sniper rifles.

One brutal attack on a bread line yesterday left dozens of casualties. Another eight people were killed today, according to Al Jazeera.

The hospital at Misrata is full and they will have to start treating patients on the floor. An estimated 80% of the casualties are civilians, doctors tell the BBC.

Doctors say more than 600 people have died in Misrata, according to the Telegraph.

Yesterday the rebels warned of a massacre if NATO doesn’t intervene. But it looks like the massacre has already started. Remember, America entered Libya explicitly to prevent a massacre.

Meanwhile, Qaddafi’s forces have launched a new attack on Ajdabiya, which means they’re heading toward Benghazi.