Someone made a hilarious 'Imagine' mashup of Ted Cruz and John Lennon

John Lennon dick cavett showYouTubeSinger John Lennon

Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) presidential campaign speech inspired a Twitter meme on Monday for its similarities to John Lennon’s famous song “Imagine.” 

Cruz, speaking at Liberty University in Virginia, repeatedly called on his audience to “imagine” a better, more conservative world.

“Imagine a simple flat tax that lets every American fill out his or her taxes on a postcard. Imagine abolishing the IRS,” Cruz said at one point. 

Democrats, reporters, and other observers repeatedly made fun of Cruz on Twitter his “imagine” refrain. But, in a clip flagged by Bloomberg News, Public Radio International’s “The Takeaway” show took their Cruz teasing a step further and produced a full mashup of Cruz’s speech and Lennon’s tune.

Listen to it below.


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