M*A*S*H Star On Super Bowl's Smash: Whatever, TV's Dead! Our Show Is Still More Profitable

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Wayne Rogers, the former M*A*S*H TV star and current CEO of Wayne Rogers & Co., a stocks trade investment company, spoke out about the 2010 Super Bowl breaking TV records last night.

“That Super Bowl is never gonna earn what M*A*S*H earned that’s for sure,” he said on Fox Business Network. “Because there’s no reruns for that Super Bowl, nobody is gonna be interested in that and MASH reruns have been running for for 30 years.”

Does he still get paid for those reruns?

“It comes to a $1.98,” he joked. “I think it costs more to put the stamp on the letter than it does for me to get what’s inside.”

More than 106.5 million people watched Sunday’s big game, smashing M*A*S*H’s record for the most-viewed TV broadcast of all time.

Rogers played “Trapper” John McIntyre during the first three seasons of M*A*S*H. The 11th season finale episode aired on Feb. 28th, 1983 and is now the second-most watched TV broadcast of all time.

Rogers appeared on Fox Business Network, where he often appears on shows like Cashin’ In, and had more to say about broadcast TV’s inability to capture audiences like it did in the old days. 

“Look, you and I are talking right now on a news channel that launched three years ago,” Rogers said. “There’s so many new channels, there’s so many ways for people to get their information now. You can’t think that broadcast television in the sense of the three networks is going to work anymore. No, it’s a dead model.”

But he added that his TV show was “lucky” to not have so much competition back then. “Records are meant to be broken,” he added.

The Super Bowl also got lots of free promotion, he said, in no small part from all the chatter about those controversial ads.

Watch the Fox Business Network segment here:

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